About Us



Company History

The company was established in January 2013 as a response to the overwhelming challenge of ill health and the rising incidence of Chronic Diseases lifestyle mainly due nutrition transition. It is black owned nutrition Consultant Company that is geared to provide relevant nutrition intervention for preventative and therapeutic purpose.

What we do

Nutri and Flora Company exist to offer corporate wellness, individualized consultation and online individual consultation services. Furthermore the company offer nutrition consultation to organizations, food service companies and government departments. The target market is every person starting from pregnancy to adulthood and every company or organization with a desire to promote health and wellness among its employees and/or general public.

Strategy & Vision

  • Vision statement

The Company strives for the attainment of optimal and complete health

  • Mission statement

Nutri and Flora exist to help individuals, corporate companies and organizations attain their optimal health by offering health assessment, prompt intervention and individualized and corporate support.

  • Values

As a company we value integrity, respect, openness, excellence service and continual self-improvement. The Company holds itself accountable to customers and partners by honouring commitments, providing results and striving for the highest quality. 

  • Business goals & objective

The company main goals include:

  •  Offering excellent corporate wellness service
  •  Providing individual nutrition intervention both face to face and online consultations
  •  Providing support to catering companies in food service management
  •  Delivering a consultant service to both Governmental and Non-governmental institutions.
  • Growth strategy

The company is envisioning growth by increasing its client’s base through excellent customer service and continuous service improvement.

  • Business competitiveness

The company puts more value to its customers by providing excellent results at a competitive price. The main focus of the company is both preventative and therapeutic thus providing the two most important aspects in health.

  • Quality policies

Employees providing counselling to customers will all be registered with Health Professional Council of South Africa thus ensuring quality service.