Corporate wellness

Every successful company should be looking for ways to increase productivity, enhance information retention, boost employee morale, lower health care costs and stay ahead of the competition. A physically, mentally and emotionally sound individual is an invaluable asset to any organization. Nutrition, together with stress management and exercise, are undoubtedly the cornerstones of optimum health.

Nutri and Flora consultant is an ideal health and wellness solution for your company to help increase productivity, minimize absenteeism and enhance the overall wellbeing of the organizational workforce.

The company offers various wellness options which can be individualised to meet your requirements:

  1. Health assessment and express consults – Ideal for wellness days and corporate health events, this includes mini consultations of approximately 10 – 15 minutes long focusing on addressing health and nutrition questions and concern employees might have. Health assessments include Weight, BMI, Waist circumference, dietary intakes, glucose, cholesterol, Blood pressure.
  2. Discovery vitality nutrition assessments - Employees can have results of their dietary intakes and recommendation while earning 5000 vitality points in approximately 30 min.
  3. Health and nutrition-related presentations – An informative and entertaining presentation to suit company’s needs and interests.


Nutrition consultancy

Nutri and Flora Consultant will be available to agencies both public and private entities to conduct a population-wide survey research and design products with the aim of improving the nutritional status. Service areas include breastfeeding, chronic disease of lifestyle and micronutrients malnutrition.


Individual consultation

Nutri and Flora consultant offer both preventative and therapeutic services to individuals at risk, concerned or with chronic diseases of lifestyle (Diabetes, Hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity) and additionally pregnancy and child nutrition.  An initial consultation involves a thorough assessment of your overall health and well-being, and that includes anthropometric measurements (BMI, waist circumference and body fat) and blood tests, where necessary. Patients will receive individualized advice, meal plans and ongoing nutritional and emotional support and encouragement in the follow-ups sessions. Consultations are covered by most medical aids.


Online consultation

Quote: The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

We offer online consultations that are personalized, offering you convenience and effective dietetic advice and treatment from the comfort and privacy of your home or work. Your identity and all contents of the consultations will be kept totally confidential. This service enables the customer to easily access nutritional counselling via email, Skype and telephone. Consultations are held at a time that is mutually suitable and is subject to availability.


Vitality nutritional assessment

Quote: Health is a relationship between you and your body” ~Terri Guillemets

A Dietitian will take measurements, including weight, height and waist circumference and this is followed by a series of questions related to your lifestyle and dietary intake. At the end of the assessment, individuals will be given a report which provides feedback based on the assessment. Vitality nutrition assessment takes 30 – 40 minutes and earns 5000 vitality points.

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Foodservice consultations

Quote: True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen.

The Dietitian will develop and/or evaluate existing menus as well as develop and analyze recipes and menus for healthcare facilities, schools, Hospitals. You will be provided with advice and guidance to improve the nutritional quality of meals.


nutrition education

Group nutrition education classes

Diet means more than food and drink, but involves such factors as the choice of food, the quantity consumed and the body’s ability to use what is consumed. A good diet is crucial to health. Nutrition education offered during elementary years up to advanced age will set a good tone for good health. Nutri and Flora consultant offer group nutrition education to church organisations, school children and parents, and any other institutions which are interested in upholding health as a cornerstone of their existence.